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60109 Starter Generator 12v 22aa ER/EF Hitachi aftermarket

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Hitachi starter generator
Hitachi starter generator
Price: $150.00
Item Number: 60109
Starter Generator - Hitachi style 12 volt, 22 amp
External Regulator
Yamaha Golf Cart G1 w/0.9HP 1978-88

15424, 304-105, GSB10702, GSB107-02, J10811001000, J10-81100-10-00
Starter/generators are easily misdiagnosed. There are several components on your equipment that must be working properly in order for you starter/generator to function correctly. We  recommend a diagnosis by a professional repair shop. One of the most common failures is the external voltage regulator. When the regulator fails, the starter/generator will overcharge and burn up. This condition is not covered by the warranty.
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