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50725 Starter 12v 4.6kw 10t DD 37MT Delco aftermarket

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Delco starter
Price: $269.15
Sale Price: $134.58
Item Number: 50725
on sale

Starter - Delco 37MT style 12 volt, 10 tooth
Direct Drive
Solenoid positioned at 278 degrees.
Heavy duty positive engagement solution for 37MT starters
Eliminates the milling and stop ring & collar failure common on the 37MT design
41MT positive engagement drive
41MT armature with heat treated shaft and welded steel-core riserless commutator
41MT solenoid, 100% tested for coil strength, voltage drop across contacts and 'reserve burnoff' on the contacts
Varnish dipped field coils
Ductile iron D.E. housing
Painted gloss black with zinc plated hardware
100% computerized load tested

3604672RX, 10461069, 10461108, 1990312, 1993761, 1993818, 1993880, 323-834, 6391, 141-310, 141-310A, 141-310B, 141-310D

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