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Warranty Policy
Alternators, Starters, Generators, Motors Warranty period is for one year from the date of sale as listed on the invoice.  Fleet Alternator Starter's liability is limited to repair, one time replacement or credit for alternators, starters, generators and motors purchased from us and found to be defective in workmanship or materials by the manufacturer or supplier of the parts when used in applications implied or expressed by us.

Fleet Alternator Starter is not liable for consequential damages, labor claims, loss of profits, personal injury, or commercial loss.  Fleet Alternator Starter is not responsible for any misuse of the products.  No parts sold by Fleet Alternator Starter are suitable for aircraft.  Fleet Alternator Starter does not assume responsibility for parts or units installed on equipment that has been altered from its original specifications or not designed for the part or unit.  This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, whether expressed or implied. 

Warranty credits will be issued when the defective unit is returned and tested.  Denial of warranty is for a limited number of reasons; including and not limited to the following: 

  1. Improper installation.
  2. Opening or altering the unit in any way.
  3. Ignition or wiring problems, un-related to the starter.  These may cause the starter to stay engaged and "burn up".
  4. Equipment that has run out of fuel and the starter is used to prime the fuel system.
  5. Installation on equipment that has very low voltage or "dead" batteries.  Low voltage is the primary cause of alternator and starter failure.
  6. Beating on a starter in an attempt to make it crank.
  7. Operating dry clutch starters in a wet clutch environment

For examples with pictures, follow these links.

The alternator, starter or generator(s) deemed ineligible for warranty will be returned to your at your cost for shipping.

Component Parts
Fleet Alternator Starter does not warrant component parts.  Component parts include but are not limited to solenoids, drives, voltage regulators, rectifiers, ball bearings, carbon brushes.

Please ship your package in a prepaid, insured, traceable method to the below listed address.

Fleet Alternator Starter will not provide UPS Call Tags or UPS Return Services for returns unless agreed to by Fleet Alternator Starter.

Fleet Alternator Starter
2618 Battleground Ave #A102
Greensboro, NC  27408


TXT 336.298.1070
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